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KazAgro is the largest crop production exhibition in Kazakhstan, everything from seed breeding to finished products and modern technologies, equipment, tools, services for the production, storage, processing and logistics of agricultural products.

KazFarm is the only exhibition on animal husbandry and the meat and dairy industry in Kazakhstan with a full coverage – from embryos to finished products and services in various sectors of animal husbandry.

Period: from October 12 to October 14, 2022.

Venue: Nur-Sultan, Mangilik el str., 53/1 (exhibition area of the capital “QazExpoCongress” in the EXPO area).

Sections of the exhibitions “KazAgro/KazFarm-2022”:

The main thematic sections of the exhibition “KazFarm”:


* Agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts for them.

* Modern technologies of production, harvesting, and storage of crops.

* Means of mechanization for small agricultural enterprises, farms, suburban areas.

* The latest irrigation, spraying and drainage technologies.

* Packaging of agricultural products, packaging materials.

* Agricultural construction, warehouses and storage equipment.

* Gardening, viticulture, greenhouse farming.

* Biotechnology, quality control of agricultural raw materials and products.

* Plant protection products, fertilizers and technologies of their application.

* Feed production.

* Technologies of closed ground.

* Genetics and breeding in crop production.

* Seeds, seedlings, vegetables and fruits.

* Agroecology.

* Milling equipment.


The national stands of Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Italy, China, Canada, Germany, Holland and other advanced agricultural countries will be presented at the KazAgro/KazFarm-2022 exhibitions.

The business program of exhibitions is always rich: from presentations and auctions of animals to business missions and signing memoranda between domestic and foreign companies.

The organization of exhibitions will meet all the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological standards.

The scale and influence of the exhibition are increasing every year, now they have become the largest and most influential events in the field of agriculture in Kazakhstan.

KazAgro/KazFarm-2022 presents a unique opportunity for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.


Participating countries:

Kazakhstan-58.7% (94 participants)

Germany-15%(24 participants)

Russia-14.5%(23 participants)

Turkey-7.2%(11 participants)

Other camps-4.6%(7 participants)

The total number of visitors for three days is 33,811 people:

1 day – 13,200 people visited

Day 2 – visited by 11,011 people

Day 3 – visited by 9,600 people

Visitors by country:




Other countries-3%

Visitors’ field of activity:

Agricultural products-29.6%

Animal husbandry – 27.6%

Crop production-15.7%

Mechanical engineering-10.7%

Food industry-4.2%

Public organizations, mass media-3.1%

Plant protection (pesticides, herbicides, seeds)-3.1%

Poultry farming-2.6%

Veterinary medicine-2.1%

Greenhouse economy-1.3%


Now there is a positive trend in the agricultural market, new participants have appeared, and our regular exhibitors have announced new products. Due to the interruption associated with the pandemic, there was an acute need for innovation, exchange of experience, and new partnerships.


If you have any questions about participating in exhibitions, we will definitely answer and advise you!

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